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Web applications

We create quality custom made web applications.
  • Bussiness optimization
    Automate processes and optimize required time and increase accuracy.
  • Increase productivity
    With better overview over processing, automatization and reliability improve your productivity.
  • Access 24/7 and anywhere
    Available over the internet. We keep application secure with authentication system and SSL certificates.
I'm looking for custom web application





Mobile applications

From simple presentation mobile application to more complex bussiness tools.
  • Business tool in your pocket
    Knowledge is power. Have it always with you with mobile catalogs and special calculators.
  • Always updated
    Capture events and send them in the back office in real-time for further processing.
  • Mobile phone or tablet?
    Our solutions works on all mobile phones and tablet with Android operating system.
I need mobile application






Automate repeating and boring tasks. Special software robot works for you.
  • Saves time
    You select parameters and send robot to work. Take cup of coffer and relax while your works is still being done.
  • Greater accuracy
    Reduce number of mistakes with software robot.
  • We automate everything!
    Posibility are endless. We automate all programs and webpages.
I wish the robot will work for me





Data collection and analytics

Process WWW available data and gain new knowledge.
  • Endless source of data
    WWW offers huge amount of infomations. With help of web spiders we collect data and with proper data processing we extract new knowledge.
  • Statistical data processing
    We select problem relevant metrics and do analysis. We prepare grafical report.
  • Machine learning
    With applying machine learning algorithms we can learncomputer to classify new samples. All completely ayutomatically.
I see potencial in data







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